Blog 7

Greg Gregory
Sun 12 Oct 2014 07:02
Date 12th October 2014
Local Time 0900 (GMT +2)
Position 36:35.63N 04:30.73W

Disaster struck for Jimmy B Friday night…… he slipped on a wet deck, and hurt his wrist.
We were worried he may have a fractured wrist. Chris, nursed him to the nearest A & E in Almeria. They spoke no English, but assessed the situation, bandaged it up like Tutankhamum, and sent him back to the boat with 2 X-Rays but none the wiser.
Having studied the X-Rays the crew concluded:-
No fractures, he was being a “wimp” and trying to avoid any physical duties !

Great sail yesterday. Fair winds, (and heavy rain), blew us all the way to Benalmadena, where we arrived, tired and wet at midnight, having sailed 112 miles in 17 hrs.

It’s a great crew, they aren’t complaining about anything and are setting up a backup laptop for satellite communications.

Wet and cold day here, but only 54 miles to go to Gibraltar, the destination for this leg of the journey.

Thanks for all the support from back home.

Cap’n Greg

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