Surfing Day 3/4 at Sea (7th/8th Nov)

Wed 8 Nov 2017 12:55
21.47.009N 18.47.115W


We are all still in high spirits, despite the lack of wind. We persisted with sailing yesterday, using our light wind parasail. We even tried using our “Surfinn Pole” or more commonly called a butterfly/goose wing sail. With this we were still only averaging 3knots, so we put the parasail back up. Despite our efforts at 10pm last night we were forced to drop the sail and turn our motors on. We have been motoring ever since, so hopefully we will make up some ground - we are heading straight for Cape Verde now hopefully getting us into a better position, if this wind does pick back up.  In the words of the Captain “It’s as flat as a shit carter’s hat!”

We have now seen a pod of dolphins and a pod of beluga whales. The Dolphins were playing with the boat for 5-10 minutes, beautiful! The beluga whales were just passing by and came up to inspect the boat, amazing! We spotted a shark fin today, right near some long lines - probably stealing some fish from the fishermen. Excellent spotting from Russell, as we would have gone straight over the long line, it was 4nm long. The sea life has been incredible today, we saw a Marlin jump out of the water along with two sea turtles. Although we haven’t been able to get a picture of the turtles, they dive down as soon as we get too close, we will keep trying though… 

Scotty has been cooking some amazing meals for us all. Yesterday he put an incredible salad bar together - just like dining at an up market sizzler. Followed by hamburgers for dinner, delicious! John has challenged him to make some fresh orange juice today, so we have that to look forward too. 

The ceviche was a total hit as well, we might make some more with the fillets from Stevie’s fish. We have caught a couple more fish over the last few days, although we have thrown these back as we have limited space in the fridge. 

We have been entertaining ourselves today by using the foghorn and seeing who could blow for the longest - chad won with almost double the time of everyone else. Big lungs…. 

Until our next correspondence, lets hope this wind comes back so we can make our way to Cape Verde.