Leg 2, Day 8 - Wednesday 22nd Nov

Wed 22 Nov 2017 20:17
14.06.947N 040.42.547W

Beautiful sunrise this morning: captured by Chad as he was finishing off his night shift.


The wind has been between 6-12knots today and we have been averaging 4 knots. So another slow day out on the water. The waves have been a bit choppier today so it hasn’t felt as smooth as other days. The crew has been dispersed about the decks today reading, working, watching movies and the weekly karate tournament that Martika took out for the second time in a row. 

The wolf pack has dwindled down to our two most loyal members. We will no doubt be keeping tabs on them overnight, they do tend to drop off our radar, although we can still see their navigation lights on the horizon! Our beta boat is still hot on our heels… we have no plans to submit and lose our Alpha status. 

We made a banana loaf today using some ridiculously over ripe bananas. Was a decent effort without a recipe. We have some bananas left over so we will make an attempt two! Hopefully we will get it right for our halfway party in a few days. 

There is a lot of seaweed in the water today, its been playing tricks on our fishing rods. Throughout the day we have jumped up and gone to reel it in only to find the elusive grass fish on the hook. We haven’t had much luck fishing the past few days, we are blaming it on our slow speeds…