Leg 2, Day 16 - Thursday 30th November

Thu 30 Nov 2017 22:43
14.00.595N 059.37.465W

We are coming home with a wet sail.. literally! It has been a gloomy day (but a fantastic day of sailing!)- its been storming on and off since 10am. No chance of sun baking luckily we have been able to sun bake the past 15 days. The wind has been fluctuating a lot today, sitting high during the first storm 13-30 knots. Once the last storm passed the wind dropped below 5 knots and we had to battle it out for about 1 hour before we could put our parasailor back up. We are now back up to averaging 7 Knots. At this rate we will be in St Lucia by early morning. Land cannot come soon enough, we have run out of alcohol and the crew is about to start a mutiny! 

The anticipation of arriving back in civilisation has the crew in high spirits! We have taken to watching movies such as "I am legend" and "zombieland” to familiarise ourselves with the ways of the world again. 

There was no chance to fish today, as the swells were unpredictable (over 3m) and our speeds were too high for us to be able to pull our rope line in safely. The waves were crashing on the back of the boat at some stages. No where was safe from the rain or salt water - unsurprisingly today marked Chad’s first shower since boarding the vessel… and not by choice..
Our bow was diving into the water as we came down the waves at 15knots (as some would say we were literally Surfinn)

Our Captain deserves special mention today; he has done a fantastic job teaching us all the ins and outs of sailing (AWA, COG, SOG, TWD… the list is endless). He did a good job navigating and minimising our engine hours (that is just boring, give us sailing in storms any day of the week!). John has also ensured that we remain safe at all times whilst on the boat (We hope the talk about the life raft only holding 4 was a joke….). We have to thank him for organising such a wonderful once in a lifetime trip, it has been fantastic! Photo below  - John teaching us how to spot long lines….