Leg 2, Day 12 - Sunday 26th November

Sun 26 Nov 2017 21:13
12.49.441N 48.07.380W

Sunday - the lords day…. we started our day with a trip to church, where we consumed a healthy amount of wine and bread whilst praying to the wind gods to get us to St Lucia! The wind has been better than previous days and we were averaging 6 knots for most of the day. It has been the perfect day for sun baking, reading, playing games and learning the ancient language of the Egyptians. 

Overnight we lost the battle of Alpha status with our new wolf pack member. We suspect foul play, as he went past us at 7.1knots. We are on our own again, we are starting to prefer it. 

The fish have been rather active this morning, although we lost three fish off the hook today. We just couldn’t seem to pull them in, perhaps we over indulged with wine! We almost caught our fourth and biggest Mahi Mahi  - unfortunately he out witted us and backflipped off the hook… but if he is reading this…We don’t have any money, but what we do have is a certain set of skills and We will find you and we will kill you. 

This afternoon the crew all sat around having a chat and drinking more wine, celebrating what we all hope to be our final Sunday crossing the atlantic. Scotty cooked us a delicious beef curry, accompanied by more wine and gin. 

Just after dinner we were admiring a rainbow, when a squall hit our boat. The winds hit 19knots and we were hitting speeds of 10knots ! We had to do a quick change of sails, so we now have our heavy duty wind parasail up. The squall has died down now but we can see a few on the horizon, so we will leave the sail up overnight. The wind speed is currently 16 knots. Perhaps the wind gods took our prayers very seriously! Lets hope these high winds stay for a few more days.