Leg 2, Day 14 - Tuesday 28th November

Tue 28 Nov 2017 21:58
13.10.948N 053.49.695W

Today has been more of the same: good winds, good speeds and even better company. We have had a taste of proper sailing and we like it. Last night we had a few storms, with wind speeds reaching above 30knots, so we were able to do over 170nm yesterday. Today we have been averaging 7knots and have overtaken our arch enemy the Fins (Our ex-beta, who has been motoring). Next in our sights is Cabana.. (We will find you). 

John cooked up the Mahi Mahi we caught, for lunch - Delicious (perhaps too much chilli for some crew members…). We haven’t seen any sea life today, although Stevie insists he saw a mermaid that looked just like Emma Watson…we don’t want to ask too many questions, but Russell might want to find a new room tonight… 

Our fishing has born no fruit today, although we suspect a shark has taken our extremely large tuna (that we obviously were able to hook). Part of our rope line and the lure has been taken, luckily we have some spare lures. We will hunt this shark down and eat him for dinner - No body touches our tuna ! 

This afternoon we all took an uber to the local pub, unfortunately they are out of beer. The pub has slim pickings but we all managed to quench our thirst. We are now stumbling back to the boat, ready to start our night watches - there is no laws about drinking and sailing is there?! 
We will be taking more gin and wine onto our watches to remain alert as we are seeing more cargo ships as we get closer to land. The Captain insists that the gin will keep us vigilant and will assist us with adjusting to life back in civilisation. 

We are hoping for more storms tonight, as we want to overtake our competitors (But it’s not a race). Overnight we are able to catch up to them as they pull down their sails and put up storm jibs for safety (Our Captain, obviously has no regard for our safety).