Leg 2, Day 10 - Friday 24th November

Fri 24 Nov 2017 20:09
13.05.641N 043.55.139W

We started heading south yesterday using our code zero and main sail, we made some good progress reaching 9 knots at one point. During the night we put both sails down and then put up our light parasail so we could turn west. We have been heading directly west  ever since. The winds have picked up a little bit today, still sitting at around 8 knots of wind, with an average speed of 5 knots. 

There is a lot of sea weed in the water today, or small islands as we have come to affectionally call it. We saw some incredible dolphins today, They were jumping so high out of the water as they swam past our boat. We didn’t manage to get a good shot of the action though. It could have been a routine from the dolphin exhibit at Sea World, they were doing some incredible tricks! Still haven’t caught our Mahi Mahi yet, but we haven’t given up hope! 

At the moment we are a lone wolf. We have abandoned our wolf pack over night, they were heading south west, whilst we headed south. We do not approve of this insubordination, so naturally they could no longer be a part of our wolf pack. They have admitted to motoring all of yesterday, which in our eyes is cheating (not that it is a race…). We still believe that we are in front of the pack, and will no doubt find some new more loyal members in the coming days.  

Today we had our halfway party, as we hit the halfway mark late last night. This called for cold beers and glasses of sangria with our celebratory lunch! We also made a little special treat… some ice cream. Unfortunately it is rather hot and the ice cream took longer than expected to freeze, so it was really more of a mousse - Still delicious.