Leg 2, Day 4 - 18th Nov

Sat 18 Nov 2017 19:19
16.09.268N 032.27.050W 

Today has been much of the same, light winds roughly 10/11knots. We still have our parasail up and are making some progress. We have realised that by around midday tomorrow we will be 25% of the way there! We will have a small celebration to mark the occasion! 

We have woken to find that a lot of our wolf pack has abandoned the alpha. We suspect it was the nude sun baking. We do not feel alone though as we are still able to see one or two boats on our AIS system. We make radio contact with our fellow Queenslanders once a day - just to make sure they haven’t forgotten us. 

We have caught one small dolphin fish today, but we released him back as he had not yet lived his life. 

Our pig leg was finally revealed today and is now taking prime position on our kitchen table. We have waited to open it as we knew that there would be a lot of flies in Cape Verde, we have not seen one in over 2 days and have deemed it safe to unwrap the ham. While it looks big, I expect it will be gone in a few days. It has been open for less than an hour and all the boys have managed to devour quite a lot! 

Dinner tonight was steak and veggies - Delicious.