Day 5 - Sunday 19th Nov

Sun 19 Nov 2017 20:19
15.33.466N 34.50.090W

Wind is still very low today, averaging about 9/10 Knots.. we still have our light wind parasail up and have been managing around 6 knots so still making good progress! We have passed the quarter way mark today, wahoo. We are all very happy that the halfway point is getting closer along with our quick dip in the ocean! 

Last night we lost a few more boats from our wolf pack, so we have spent a lot of the day discussing the best way that we can get our speed up and overtake some of the other boats… not that it is a race! This afternoon Chad and Stevie plotted the position of some of the other boats (our main competitors in the non race). Most of them seem to be in a similar position to us. We have looked up the position of one of our mates, he is in the smallest boat in the ARC rally. He is currently sitting 150nm behind us, the biggest boat (super yacht) in the rally is 260nm in front of us! 

Today we have come to the realisation that our vegetables might not last all the way across to St Lucia. So we have decided to ration the meals! Tonight we are using up our capsicums as they are slowly starting to deteriorate. We are having stuffed capsicums with mince and rice. For lunch we had baked eggs. We are trying to ensure that we still have some nutrients available towards the end of the trip and won’t just be eating canned veggies and pasta! We know for sure that we won’t run out of cured meats and cheeses! so atleast we will be able to have a good red wine and some cheese platters - delicious! 

We haven’t caught any fish today, but we are hopeful that will catch a big mahi mahi or a tuna in the coming days! 

Sunset from Surfinn…