Leg 2 Day 6 - Monday 20th November

Mon 20 Nov 2017 19:46
15.11.245N 036.49.762W

The winds have well and truly dropped off today, it is now between 5 -7 knots.  Even with our light wind parasail up we are averaging roughly 3.5 knots, so not making a lot of progress today. We have had someone on watch all day as we want to monitor the sail in the light winds, it starts to flap a lot more when the wind drops. 

The wolf pack is going strong, we have gained a new pack member. We are pretty happy to have made the ground up on him, as he is a much larger boat and is able to go faster in the water. In this wind today, we are all averaging similar speeds - slow! We are heading further south in the hopes of finding some stronger winds in the coming days, our wolf pack is following our lead, we would expect nothing less. 

With no wind it is incredibly hot today! Some of the crew have been sun baking on the top deck, while others have been reading books and watching movies in the shade to try escape the heat. The water is looking pretty inviting today… 
We have not seen any sea life the past few days, only flying fish. The water is very blue and very calm with about a 2m swell, it looks marvellous. 

We made our first batch of bread on board today - it was delicious! Nothing like a warm slice of bread with melted butter and vegemite. 

Scotty and Martika are just about to start the night watch, hopefully these winds pick up over night! Everyone is keen for some stronger winds and gaining some nautical miles.