Leg 2, Day 13 - Monday 27th November

Mon 27 Nov 2017 21:57
12.57.700N 51.02.500W 

Well it looks like our trip to church has paid off (I think we may have converted some of the crew). The wind gods are smiling down on us today. We sacrificed a mahi mahi in tribute this afternoon. We have been averaging just over 7knots all day, with wind speeds over 13-26 knots. It has been a peaceful day, even with the high winds and rougher than usual seas. 
There was more of the same relaxation for the crew, although we did have someone up at the helm at all times to monitor the wind speeds and angles. 

Our lone wolf status has continued today, we have convinced ourselves that it is because we are now in front of the rest of the pack… 

We put our unique set of skills to work, and we are pleased to say that we tracked down the bastard that escaped our hook yesterday. He will make an excellent lunch tomorrow. Russell enjoyed carving him up… that will teach him and his friends to take what is rightfully ours. 

We have had a storm come through again tonight during happy hour (not a drop was spilt) with winds reaching over 30 knots. We were flying with our heavy duty parasail up and hit a high speed of 16.5 knots, we have had to take turns eating (Thanks Leigh for the Mexican). A few of us will stay up through the first hour or so of the first watch. We have changed our watches so we are now doing 6pm - 6am. With 4 hours each.