Leg 2, Day 15 - Wednesday 29th November

Wed 29 Nov 2017 21:31
13.30.180N 056.49.849W

We have slowly been creeping up on our competitors like a lion stalking it’s prey. If these winds keep up we might just catch our french Canadian friends.
The winds have been good today. sitting between 13-17 knots; our average speed for today is 7.9Knots. Which is fantastic - St Lucia here we come! It has mostly been a chilled day, the usual activities; sun baking, reading and unicycling. We held our fortnightly karaoke competition today; Chad won with his rendition of “I am women” - it brought a tear to everyone’e eye! Scotty was a close second with his performance of "single ladies".

Russell and John were up early this morning fixing the generator - the compartment had flooded over night. They did a great job getting it back up and running. We suspect that maybe some seaweed is caught in the check valve. The early construction work was too much for some crew who woke grumpy this morning from their lack of sleep, the worst part of night shifts. We have all agreed to play the silence game until at least 10am tomorrow morning. Let’s see if we can do it…

John cooked us a delicious roast lamb for dinner, using the barbecue, proving that it isn’t always ornamental.