5th/6th March 2019 - The Saintes

s/v Safena's blog
Simon Ashley
Sat 9 Mar 2019 14:52
Pos: 15 51.73 N, 61 36.04 W

We left Portsmouth, Dominica after breakfast.  We were both relieved that our anchor came up with no problems.  It was incredibly well dug in and we are extremely happy that it has performed so reliably. 

We set sail for Isles des Saintes.  It was a beautiful day and another blistering sail between the islands - fantastic!

We were aiming for Anse du Bourg on Terre-de-Haut but on our way in we noticed a beautiful anchorage just south west of Pain de Sucre (Petite Anse).  We dropped our sails and headed for this quiet little bay  and picked up a mooring. What a beautiful spot, quiet, very sheltered, lovely small beaches, turquoise water and palm trees etc.

Unfortunately, in the morning while stowing the RIB I pulled a muscle in my back which did render me quite disabled for a day or so!  So we decided to stay put here for a couple of nights and just relaxed.

We took the RIB into the main town at Terre-de-Haut and cleared in and out.  The combination of French and Caribbean cultures is wonderful.  We found sa great supermarket and stocked up on essentials including some wonderful French wine, cheese and saucisson!

We spent most of the afternoon having a very French lunch aboard Safena! We had sundowners and Nina made spag bol. for dinner.

The following day we set about doing a light wash down using our fresh water deck wash that worked extremely well.  I tried to fix a few things including the ice-maker.  There is water ingress into the mechanism which has become corroded and will need replacing.  At least I now know what spares need to be ordered. Nina swam and snorkelled.   All in all it was a wonderfully relaxing day despite me having a bad back!

Absolutely love this spot and will definitely be back to explore more of these beautiful islands/anchorages.