Log Day 13/14 "Light winds!"

s/v Safena's blog
Simon Ashley
Sat 8 Dec 2018 22:55
Steady progress but lightish winds by night and day contrary to forecast which has been frustrating.  Just over 700nm to go but think our ETA will be later than expected. Sailing last night wing on wing with staysail and poled out genoa worked extremely well and reasonable VMG obtained but very frustrating sailing with no reliable wind speed or direction especially at night!

It was another beautiful day and hot!  We caught another large Mahi Mahi but an even larger fish took our favourite lure!

As it was light and the sea slight, we managed to wash her down today with fresh water using the deck wash hose! Much better!

We experienced our first daytime squall  - tracked visually and on radar - reduced sail accordingly and no big deal.

I was cook today and it was Tex Mex - Chilli hot dogs for lunch and beef Buritos for dinner!

Really hoping for more wind.