Safena ARC Day 2

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Simon Ashley
Tue 27 Nov 2018 14:22
We are settling in to the routine of ocean sailing. Maintaining, cleaning, fixing, rig checking, managing energy consumption, washing clothes, tidying up, making water, preparing food, cooking, showering etc. are some of our daily tasks as in any home on top of monitoring the weather and sailing Safena to the best of our ability.

Last night we had a sundowner and spag bol. (cooked by me!) as we watched the sunset, it was beautiful (see photo).  The night sail was relatively quiet with winds dropping off. This morning we had bacon rolls!!!

At 12 noon today we were at 24, 41’.61N 18, 33.40’W. The wind was relatively light yesterday and we gybed late afternoon to get onto a more southerly track where the forecast suggested the wind would be stronger.  This seems to have paid off as today we have had fantastic sailing in 15-20 kts and boat speed of 8-9kts up to 10 at one stage! The wind strength is still up and down though.  The big decision - when to start heading west!

I am pleased to say we haven’t motored at all since the start.  Some yachts headed west too soon, got becalmed and have had to motor back into the wind.