Log Day 8/9 - "Afterburner"!

s/v Safena's blog
Simon Ashley
Mon 3 Dec 2018 21:26
The wind was very light last night and we flopped and flogged quite a bit but kept heading south of 20N. Although our VMG to St Lucia was down, today we were rewarded with better winds, 15-20kt NE. 

Safena is very new to us and until today we have been cautious, just sailing with main and poled out Genoa. It is an easy and stable setup but slow downwind in anything less than about 16kts.

Today we flew the cruising chute and wow - she came alive! We were doing 9-10kts and over 12 surfing down waves!  It was an absolutely exhilarating ride today and beautiful weather, very hot!  It was the first time we have flown the kite since we first tried it in Plymouth Sound so we are feeling very chuffed! Andy has nicknamed it “Afterburner”!

Our position at noon 19 22.69 N 34 36.50 W.  Tomorrow we should reach the halfway mark!

We are really enjoying all the creature comforts of home - electricity, making water, hot showers every day, toasters, hairdryers etc., even the laundry does not stop on Safena despite being mid-Atlantic!

We have stopped fishing for now as we have eaten Mahi Mahi for dinner three nights running and still have plenty in the fridge!  Tonight Nina made Mahi Mahi Thai curry! It was delicious!