ARC Day 1

s/v Safena's blog
Simon Ashley
Mon 26 Nov 2018 10:09
Cannot believe we are now under way and have sailed almost 120 nm. The ARC start was absolutely amazing! A gorgeous day and much fanfare from ashore with almost 200 yachts on the start line. Winds were light initially but soon picked up to 10-15kts and we were nicely set with poled out Genoa, full main and staysail! Our preparation worked well as this was the first time we have sailed Safena downwind with poled out Genoa and a preventer on the boom.

We gybed late afternoon and Nina did almost catch her hand in the main sheet due to a slight miscommunication (as always!) but fortunately no significant injury. She still managed to cook an amazing dinner, chicken and chorizo rice!

We remained on the same tack overnight sailing on a S/SE track as the forecast suggested winds would be stronger here. It was a steady uneventful night with winds remaining light and sea slight. The moon lit up the sky and it was almost like daylight at night! We had VHF communication with some other yachts around us which was fun.

Andy did his first night watch and sighted the first dolphin. He has also set up the fishing line but no luck yet.

This morning was a beautiful sunrise. We gybed to get a bit more west and we nearly had a disaster when resetting the pole! The toggle that connects to the release piston where the pole attaches to the car on the track got caught between the mast and the pole. With the pole raised against the mast I tried to pull the car down and the mast end of the pole released from the mast! Fortunately I immediately realised what had happened and Andy and I were both on the foredeck. We managed to “catch" the pole which was completely free and eventually reattached it. Suffice it to say, I have now removed the offending toggle so this should not happen again !