Log 10-17th March - Jolly Harbour anchorage

s/v Safena's blog
Simon Ashley
Mon 18 Mar 2019 14:24
Pos: 17 04.57 N, 61 53.84 W

We left Falmouth Harbour mid-morning after a run to dispose of the trash!  Gentle downwind sailing under Genoa only.  Gently through the Goat Head channel under sail having passed the beautiful Carlisle and then Morris Bays.  As we passed Middle Reef and approached Johnson’s point the sea became increasingly Turquoise - stunning.  Then hardening up towards Ffryes point past Picarts Bay and towards the Jolly Harbour channel.  We passed the amazingly beautiful expanse of beach and shallow Turquoise water at Morris Bay, past the Jolly Harbour Resort, then entered the buoyed channel.

We gingerly exited the channel to the south being uncertain of the depths we might encounter.  We anchored just south of the channel in about 3.8m of Turquoise water and in front of another beautiful beach to the North at The Cove.  What a beautiful spot.

We took the RIB into Jolly Harbour Marina and went to the office to meet Donna Terry, who I have been emailing for about 2 years!  It was great to finally meet her!  I explained that due to problems with our insurance in the wake of Irma we would not be able to lay-up in Jolly Harbour as originally planned.  She understood and confirmed many other yachts were in a similar predicament.  We informed her that we intended to berth here for just over 4 weeks while we returned to the UK next week.

We then had a great lunch at Melinis and after this we went to the amazing (by Caribbean standards) supermarket just behind the marina.  There is also an excellent chandlery.  On the way back to Safena we refuelled the RIB.

That afternoon we took the RIB to the beach at the Cove and swam.  We tested the Up-N-Out ladder which works excellently!

In the evening we went aboard Brisa courtesy of Simon and Hilda.  There we met Gordon and Louise from Coho.  We had several sundowners and amazing small-eats prepared by Hilda.  The cold beers just kept coming! Thank you Brisa!  It is the end of an era for Simon and Hilda who have just sold Brisa and are about to return to the UK after cruising in the Caribbean for many years.

We decided to stay put in this beautiful spot.  Initially we planned to stay for a few days but ended up staying longer for a number of reasons.  Not least of these was Nina’s broken little toe!  Also, I had “swimmer’s ear/infection”!  What a pair we are!  We met a lovely couple from a neighbouring yacht Kailani, Kevin and Bev, also OCC.  We had several sundowners with them as well as a meal out. 

Most mornings we have spent doing odd jobs/sorting/cleaning.  Then we have played/relaxed in the afternoons.  We explored the Five Islands Harbour in the RIB and the beautiful Hermitage Bay.  We blew up Sharknado (our small inflatable Zodiac dinghy and Torqedo electric outboard).  We used this for several beach landings including the wonderful Morris Bay.  We swam off Safena and various beaches.  Afternoon tea was substituted for afternoon Painkillers/Pina Coladas!  Every evening with Safena lying to the east we watched amazing sunsets from the aft bathing platform.  All in all we have just had a wonderful time just living here, relaxing and enjoying this place.