News from Night Owl

Night Owl
Ed Hall
Tue 8 Aug 2006 17:34
Passed Start Point, which for Ed brought back memories of Dartmouth days in the Royal Navy. The watermaker continues to cause dramas, but is finally producing about 20 litres an hour - so we can think about ditching some of the quarter tonne of water we added to the boat a the last minute when it wasn't working.

At our first 24-hour crew chat we decided that one watch with two bowpeople was a mistake, so Ed moved them round - he now has Keith and Ginny, and Richard is leading the formidable team of Fluffy Simon and Katharine.

The wind is now on the nose as we head for the Lizard, so it'll be a sunny evening tacking south west.

Fluffy's famous Thai Green Curry is for dinner tonight.