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Night Owl
Ed Hall
Mon 27 Nov 2006 17:13
Well we are now heading west with a full main an the asymmetric propelling us along at a healthy speed. Wee bit of poorliness aboard the old girl with a couple on antibiotics for completely different things, plus a bruised thumb a throbbing heart and a bent curly wurly because we all have to have something don't we!

The Owl is settling down nicely though as things gradually find their rightful place and the best bunk pecking order is established. This means that the skipper has two good berths one for him and one for all his things, like tissues, water, sweets and antibiotics and the mate opts for the next available comfy space. When they are good the crew sleep in the heads sink and the aft locker and when they are bad its the anchor well.............ahhhhh..........such luxury aboard the Owl.

The training goes well with the first mate demonstrating a real on the start line emergency sticky winch repair and then asking the crew what to do when they lose a bearing over the side! Good demonstration and the crew never did work out how to recover the said bearing from 60ft of water! Nor did the mate.

The skipper then waits till dark to demonstrate the winched and fully controlled lets gybe and 'OOPS' who forgot the preventer! Yes that one in bits on the deck technique.

Well we all have to settle down don't we :)

Gazooks enough drivel from the Owl.

TwitTwooooooooo x