Re: Couple of days to go...

Night Owl
Ed Hall
Sun 26 Nov 2006 14:50
And they're off!
The race started om time at 1240 GMT with the biggest committee boat in the world...  a car ferry with people waving and shouting.  The quay was packed and the locals gave us a great send off with brass bands on both sides of the marina entrance!  Not a lot of wind for the start, but Night Owl dropped into a good spot in the leading group.  Sadly that group is made of bigger boats and they have sped away.  We'll get them on handicap later ;o) 
Watermaker has been re-commissioned now and is working, and James made the first sandwiches of the trip.  Macaroni Carbonara tonight.  Yum.
Off to sail the boat now.  Bye Bye
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Subject: Couple of days to go...

The Spanish laminators did their job.  We passed our safety scrutineering and Charlie has arrived and already repaced the bow light. 
Off for a drink now....  stowing tomorrow