First Squall and Night kite drop....

Night Owl
Ed Hall
Tue 28 Nov 2006 08:52
Charlie and Shane had their first taste of night sailing with a spinnaker, and showed their helming skills off to perfection... and managed to sail between and around the squalls... Ricardo and James took over and the squall found them.... Time for a drop. All hands on deck... first spinnaker drop for Charlie and James, at night, mid-Atlantic (ish) and with 20+ knots of true breeze... Ed was raised like Lazarus from his sick bed to take the helm, and Richard ran the deck... a text book drop!

We're carrying on west now, waiting for the wind to go easterly and hope that we can drop south in front of the fleet. St Lucia is a mere 2400 miles a away.... Are we there yet?

More later

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