An update from The Owl ....

Night Owl
Ed Hall
Thu 7 Dec 2006 16:07
Following an earlier chat to the Skipper over the satellite phone, I am
delighted to update you as follows:

The Skipper and Crew are now over their ailments and are all in good
health and good spirits. They believe they are currently the most
Northerly boat. They are enjoying fantastic weather and have had Orca or
Fin Whales following them for the last few days (sadly they're not exactly
sure which, due to the lack of suitable research material on board!).
They have seen Dolphins a plenty too.

Flying Fish are constantly landing on the deck and the current topic for
discussion is why Flying Fish have their faces at the front as it means
they can't see where they are landing. Well, it was either that or why do
they have faces at all, as they obviously can't see where they're landing
(the satellite link wasn't quite as clear as it could have been!).
Anyway, good to know that they're finding something to keep them occupied
in between all that sunbathing and general lounging about ....

On the technical side, they have had a problem with the alternator, but
this has now been fixed and so their only frustration is still the lack of
email and ability to contact everyone. They all say hello!

I'll update again as soon as I am able.

Over and Out for now, from The Yacht's Onshore Assistant!