The end in sight ....

Night Owl
Ed Hall
Tue 12 Dec 2006 15:23
Well, the Skipper reckons The Owl is now about 70 miles offshore and so
the team are getting excited. The ARC officials have confirmed they are
expecting them to finish in the early hours of tomorrow morning - let's
hope the bars are still open or it could be a disaster!

They are currently sailing with the asymmetric spinnaker and main, and are
reaching up to the north of St Lucia, to Rodney Bay. The food is running
out and there are some exciting concoctions appearing from the galley.
Last night it was hotdog biryani, courtesy of Richard, which went down a
storm - let's hope it stayed that way!!

They all say hello and I'm sure we'll be speaking to them on land lines
soon - hurrah!

With best wishes
The Onshore Assistant.