38 45N 069 58W It's a beautiful Day

Ed Dolman
Wed 28 Jul 2010 16:05
Good morning from Tom.
Another beautiful day has dawned aboard Marinara.
There has been little wind for the past 24hours + which is dissapointing on the one hand since we've been unable to sail but it has allowed us to recover from the previous 30+ hours. The engine pushes us along at a steady 6.5kts. All ships batteries are fully charged and the reverse osmosis water maker has miraculously changed salty sea water into gallons of sweet tasting fresh water. Showers and shaves all round and we really feel quite human again!
The last of the Bermudan milk has turned....... "no problem" pipes up Dave! Out comes the powered milk which is carefully mixed with his newly made "Fresh" water. The final result tastes very good indeed!
Last nights watches were very pleasant afffairs: 2.5 hours on 5 hours off, Virtually cloudless skies, A bright full moon rising over our stern, set into a star studded sky. Shimmering reflection on a smooth dream like sea.
During the night we crossed the 65 mile wide Gulf Steam. It was rather uneventful.....we had hoped to see something...... maybe some wild life but nothing :( the only sign that we were really crossing it was the fact that the sea temperature rose from 82F to 84F and has now droped to 80F. We could also tell that the current was pushing us from L to R at about 3knts. by means of the yachts GPS navigation system.
Sam cooked up some lovely scrambled eggs for breakfast and now we are thinking of throwing a line or two over the side to see if we can catch some lunch or supper.
If all goes to plan in 24 hours time we should be entering Long Island Sound at Montauk Point.
Yours aye
TOM :)  
If you have a burning question about life on Marinara then please just ask! :))