A couple of Pics One of the head and last nights sun set. 24 deg 56 N 063 deg 36 W

Ed Dolman
Tue 1 Jun 2010 17:15
Evening, we are running out of wind again with 450 miles to go and about 300 miles of fuel!
Motor sailing at 6 knots fishing line out spare diesel extracted from locker to check and confirmed 50 ltrs so thats another 100 miles getting close!!
Steve and Dave have a question after being attacked by Flying fish during the night and collected a couple of fine examples, we where thinking!! As Nelson was pickled in a barrel on Brandy do you think a couple of flying fish will stay intacked in Spanish Rum? should we gut them first? We are planning our next meal to use up the last of the pickled onions and Paesto as the jars are the right size. I have found a pizza mix which seam to be weavel free so we will start with that.
Enough for now