Hairy scary

Ed Dolman
Fri 20 Nov 2009 00:02
Well folks, we are now equipped with a smart new plastic gas cylinder acquired by slightly dubious means following a 50 km drive at breakneck speeds in our hired van around some of the lesser known parts of Gran Canaria. Pete arrived last night and we all spent most of today on deck jobs, testing the emergency tiller, checking fixings and taping all the split rings (very exciting!). Pete decided that he needed a haircut in readiness for the trip so, instead of a 12 euro visit to the hairdresser he opted for the purchase of a 20 euro set of hair clippers. All was going well until 10 seconds into his self-administered trim, when he dropped the crucial part of the clippers (the number three gauge bit) into the marina! Disaster! However, true to form, Pete jury rigged a substitute from a broken comb and some gaffer tape and all was well .....not! The clippers refused to clip and a rather forlorn Pete had to admit defeat with a curious 80's style hairdo. This evening we sampled the delights of a number of local tapas bars. Tony was surprised at Pete and Dave's in depth knowledge of the locality after only an afternoon spent walking around earlier this month! Tomorrow the liquids for the voyage are due to arrive and we need to get our fresh food on board. Otherwise there is not much left to do unless Dave decides to carry out some last minute modifications. Our much-missed skipper is also due to arrive tomorrow evening and we look forward to welcoming him back on board. 19/11/09.