The mighty Marinara back to sea

Ed Dolman
Sat 29 May 2010 16:38

Rob Dave and Steve made it to St Lucia although the pilot needed two attempts to land as an extremely heavy rainstorm swept over the airfield on final approach a good start!

Followed by a one and a half hour minibus ride which felt like the heater was on full even with the windows wide open it is really humid at this time of year.  The best part was stopping for a cooling Piton (local brew) with the taxi driver and his wife at a scenic spot halfway up the coast road to stretch the legs and try and cool down.

Yesterday afternoon we left Rodney Bay Marine after a very full on hot and humid day following a Rob list of jobs including, changing to cruising sails fitting anodes to shaft and propeller with Byron the old ones completely eaten away? Much more wastage than the same period in the Hamble.

Paid up Marina sorted out immigration I had a “telling off” for not having the arrival papers but we got over that grabbed some food and left the Marina at 15:00. Filled up with fuel and motored straight out of the entrance turned left, dropped the anchor and went for a swim to cool down.

We weighed anchored and headed north towards Antigua a mixture of sailing motoring through the night and the following day.

This was our grand tour of the Caribbean passing all toughs great names; Martinique, Dominica, Guadaloupe, Monterrat etc etc but stopping nowhere. Note to self;  I must come back with plenty of time.   

Ed confirmed that he can not get to Antigua so we set new course straight for Bermuda 1007 miles away.

Today Saturday boat time 12:00 GMT 17:00 we have had an eventful morning!

I insisted we get the Asymmetric up before breakfast (much scepticism by Commander Boulter )

He was right big rain squall in the distance heading our way wind speed up 10 knot Asymmetric down quickly.

Since then it has been back to the old favourite poled out number one with about 20knots of true wind and an hour of tropical rain dumped on me! Rob below reading book Steve offering support from the hatch! Well it was my watch.

Making good progress in generally the right direction the machine says we have 877 miles to go to Bermuda.