Marinara surf club - continued

Ed Dolman
Tue 1 Dec 2009 21:22
Hello Everyone,
Hope you are all well. Just a quick blog again this evening. We passed halfway (which we decided was 1350nm to go) at 2200 boat time (midnight GMT) last night and celebrated with a glass of fizz at lunchtime today ( Captain Dorado declared this "absolutely delicious"). Although we recorded 170nm yesterday, neither the Captain nor Scotty were satisfied so away went the storm jib and out came the main with two reefs; result: more high speed surfing and an extra 1/2 knot of boat speed ( which of course equates to 12nm a day). The wind is still 20+ knots so watch out for our run tomorrow lunchtime.
We experienced our first "proper" squall this morning; according to the crew on watch the wind increased by about 5 knots and it absolutely poured. Those off watch below noticed little change in the conditions. Weather so far this evening looks good. Bye for now. 01/12/09.