Mammal day

Ed Dolman
Sun 29 Nov 2009 22:06
Hello Readers,
Just a quick blog this evening as your correspondent is on watch (don't worry, there's someone else steering the boat). Tony declared early this morning that today would be mammal day as we were all getting a bit disappointed at not having seen any. Sure enough, late this afternoon we were blessed with a pod of what we think are minke whales surfing alongside and behind Marinara - an absolutely fantastic sight. We're not sure how many there were but from the different sizes it seemed that there were at least three and they stayed with us for well over an hour. The biggest was about 6 or 7 metres long. Let's hope they're back in the morning.
We had another really good 24 hour run - over 170 miles and we are nearing the half way point.
In the end, the second dorado was saved for Sunday lunch, simply roasted with lemon and olive oil (Captain Dorado's recipe, of course) accompanied by potatoes, carrots and asparagus and washed down with a couple of bottles of our finest burgundy ( actually, the last bit's not true). 
We have had a number of requests for some information about the crew for those of you who don't know us all; crew profiles will appear tomorrow. Hope you are all well. Must dash! 29/11/09.