Ed Dolman
Thu 26 Nov 2009 16:14
Dear Readers,
Still going well after a pretty uneventful 36 hours. The wind is a constant 15-20 knots and the swell is much less. Strangely, the wind and the swell seem more variable, both in direction and strength, in the night despite all the advice that there would not be much diurnal change. Apparently, we are currently first in our class (keep an eye on the ARC website). As there is not much else to tell you, here is a report on the wildlife spotted so far  -  not a lot! Apart from a few birds, we have seen some dolphins (Dave in the night), a shark(?!) (Pete) and some flying fish (All). Dave nearly caught another fish but it was so big (allegedly) that it snapped the line before he could get the brake off the reel. One lure down. Dave and Tony have just spent a pleasant couple of hours taking the forward heads (toilets for the landlubbers amongst you) to bits to find out why the pump was so stiff and discovered one of the non-return valves in the pipeline was virtually blocked with limescale. It could have been much worse! All back together and working fine! It's still sunny (with a bit of cloud), 28C and the barometer is still reading 1027mb (which it has been since we left on Sunday). Hope all is well with you all back in the not so sunny UK. 26/11/09.