Fish pie and personal fitness

Ed Dolman
Sat 28 Nov 2009 17:34
Hello Readers,
As those of you looking at the Arc website ( will know, we have been making very good progress since our last blog. We changed course slightly the evening before last to 280 magnetic and we have been reaching since then at up to 8 knots on a course which takes us directly to St Lucia (distance as I write 1740 nm). Our own log registered 172 miles in the 24 hours to noon today and we are roaring along!! We have just overtaken a yacht in Division 1D and Ed has expressed his satisfaction with the performance so far of the crew ( big crew bonus required, please). The weather forecast for our area for the next few days looks favourable so we shall continue on our present course for the time being. We have seen a couple of  the other boats each day with the odd VHF exchange. Dave has just landed another dorado (bigger than the first - tried to send a picture but the file was too big) so guess what we'll be eating this evening? Captain Dorado is already on the case for a new recipe. Pete has baked two loaves of bread (one granary and one wholemeal) so we only need another four fish and we're up and running. It's a shame our deputy fisherman ( who will remain anonymous) was unsuccessful yesterday when Tony had to make do with some tinned tuna from the stores for the Friday fish pie. For those of you wondering how the crew is retaining its peak physical fitness, worry not. Our personal trainer, Pete, has devised a gruelling schedule for each of us, concentrating on upper body strength and core muscles. Ed is working especially hard to rediscover these, having last noticed them on a rugby pitch in Dulwich in 1987. More anon. 28/11/09.