A weather cocktail

Ed Dolman
Sun 30 May 2010 12:22
0800; 19deg44mins N 062deg22mins W. 6.5knots towards Bermuda!!
Last night was a real cocktail with a little bit of everything. Surfing at 10 knots , no wind, lots of rain. lots of lightning, wind ahead so beating wind astern so dead running, engine on engine off.!
Overall we did make ground to the North.
In the middle of it all I swung out of bed and cracked my forehead on the lee cloth pad eye. Nice bump and lots of blood so doctor Steve did a fine job with the sterie strips and a big plaster. 
Morning is bright and clear with the wind from the west so a beam reach at 6.5knots.
Unfortunatly the weather files are showing head winds over the next few days so we will see! I do not fancy tacking for the next 766 miles.