36N 9W, A Wet Wonderland.

IDEA Sailing
Idea Yacht Racing Ltd
Sat 6 Jul 2013 10:26
You will -
Never forget my
Wet wonder,
As it reflects
The colours of suns risings,
And sets.

While you ride my waves,
It's Mothers nature
That gives
Or takes.

Volatile scene
becomes serene
At the whims
Of my desires

Over moving hills,
And valleys too,
You'll try
To stay your course.
Measuring time
In puny miles,
All the while. . .

I smile.

Struggle on
In your little boat
Do what you can
To keep her afloat.

Till. . .

Land ho
Upon the horizon.

Good day everyone
The above was inspipred by the fact that we spent the night with big breezes powering through the ocean only to sail right out of it into calmer waters and moderate winds. Then within a 10 minute period this morning the wind and sea built to 30knots and big waves. Which is where we are now. Powering over a largish seastate only 50 miles from the coast of Portugal. We can't quite see it yet but we know the land is there. Beconing calling our names.

We've got just about 200 miles left to go, but unfortunately due to the wind direction we're not pointing it at where we want to go. Looking on the bright side: It's quite sunny out today which gives warmth even as the salt spray and waves take away body heat.

We're looking at an arrival in Gib sometime late Sunday or early Monday. You never can tell when at the mercy of Mother nature. Where we are right now the weather forcasts aren't perfectly accurate due to the dessert interacting so closely with the European continent. But soon enough we'll be there.

TTFN - Ta Ta For Now