Awesome Sailing, 30N 22W

IDEA Sailing
Idea Yacht Racing Ltd
Tue 26 Nov 2013 21:41
Hello hello,

Here we are again reporting on IDEA news from out in the wild blue yonder. Or I should say black yonder as it's a black black night. The kind of black that you can take our knife out and cut.

At the moment there is no sky, no horizon our entire world is just the boat. Everything outside the nav lights doesn't exist. And all of this after a day of just about the most perfect sailing you could ask for.

Breeze from exactly the right direction. Waves from exactly the right direction and heads in exactly the right place. The sun brilliantly out all day and just about the entire crew took advantage. All hands on deck, not necessarily for a manuver but just simply to be outside and relaxed. Books got read, press ups were done, but most of all it was a cleaning day.

Everyone pitched in a hand as we gave the cockpit a good scrubbing. Soap suds flying about the place, scrubbing brush gone to town, and in short order we have a sparkley clean work/living area in the back.

And there is a day in the life a an ocean crossing which most of the people are here to experience. Getting away from that normal day in the life of. Today, on a normal day Ludo Mackenzie would be in London in the office where he plays around on Facebook, and inbetween chats officially lends money to real estate investors. It's a wonderful and fullfilling job, with a fast pace that keeps his mind engaged all day(when he's not on Facebook of course). But nothing in his office has prepared him for or the intensity of what he's found over the past few days in the ocean which he is using to clear his head and enjoy some time away. Destination Caribbean then becomes the goal.

And a worthy goal at that. For us all. The entire fleet in fact, so we will see you there in as short an order as we can. We are racing afterall.

TTFN - Ta Ta For Now