38N 26W, A hot meal on a cold night

IDEA Sailing
Idea Yacht Racing Ltd
Sat 22 Jun 2013 14:22
Nothing like a hot meal on chilly night to warm yourself before watch time.

As the crew of IDEA settle into their watch keeping routines a nice hot meal
was prepared and thankfully devoured by all. After a beautiful sunshiny day
the evening turned quite chilly with the setting of the sun. Multiple
layers of clothing were applied as a night bright with the near full
moon began.

Throughout the night we, for the first time this trip, had a pod of porpoise come and actually stay with the boat and play for a little while. Until now they have just passed on by. Then, early this moring the on watch crew were treated to the sight of several whales, who also paced the boat for a bit.

The sun is not shining today, and a chill remains in the air. The entire sky is a difuse grey which reflects in the water giving it a slate blue hue. The sea remains flat and we're all looking forward to slight build in the breeze later this afternoon. Or at least that's what our forcast says. The chart plotter is currently telling me that there are 92 hours to our destination which is 890 miles away. That's approx 220 miles per day. Once the breeze builds a little more we'll be able to cover more than 220 miles in a day. So ladies and gentlemen, here's to hoping for a quick and dry crossing.

TTFN - Ta Ta For Now