White Sail Reaching, 27N 18W

IDEA Sailing
Idea Yacht Racing Ltd
Mon 25 Nov 2013 21:00
Hello hello everyone,

For those of you following our tracker you've seen that we had quite an interesting night of it. Gybes and tacks, sail changes, and periods of not only not going the direction we wanted, but not going anywhere at all.

The stars were out bright and strong unil a blanket of clouds was laid over the sky. Quiite a while later the moon rose and managed to shine through the breaks in the clouds. It lit up large swaths of the sea, and even later into the night the clousds cleared which allowed light back into our world. The sailing may have been painful at times, but there's no questioning the beauty of night time in the ocean.

Our breeze was, for most of last night and today, very light and fickle. In the middle part of the afternoon it finally filled in to a steady 12 - 16 knots. With an apparent wind angle of approximately 95 degrees we've been charging along at a steady average of 10 - 12 knots over the ground. And as enjoyable as that is; it's the 16, 17, and 18 knot surfs that really bring on the smiles. We even had on crew top out at 21 this afternoon.

Going into our second night at sea, with everyone really getting on their sea legs, the stars are out in all their twinkly glory once again as we continue. Speaking of continuing on, let us continue with the crew introductions:

World meet Alice Cooper. LIke the car she packs a lot of fun and cheer into a small body. Alice comes to us out of the banking industry. Specifically I.T. trading systems. Her number one goal in joining IDEA is to spend soen time off having an adventure.

Crossing an ocean certainly fills adventuring criteria and has the added bonus of gaining real sailing experience to bring home, and facilitate spending more time than she currently does sailing with friends. As was said before "Being right here, right now is the best way to make all of that happen.

So we'll leave you for the evening as we charge on White Sail Reaching (even though our sails are actually black) with a canopy of stars overhead.

TTFN - Ta Ta For Now