Blast Reaching, 27N 28W

IDEA Sailing
Idea Yacht Racing Ltd
Thu 28 Nov 2013 21:36
Hello World,

For all those of you in the US or with US interests = Happy Thanks Giving. Probably one of the best holidays in the history of holidays. Just Food, and Love and Family. No cards, no music, no costumes. Just fill your belly with Turkey and stuffing and pies and and. Then fill your hearts with Love and family. And wine. I almost forgot the wine gotta have the wine too. So for those of you celebrating: Happy Happy Joy Joy.

Bring you back out to the water: Last night was some of the most unbelievable sailing. We were blast reaching through the night. Wind, 14 - 16 knots. Wind angle 40 degree's, and the boat ripping through the ocean at a rate of knots averaging 12 - 13 with peak speeds regularly topping out over 17. A couple of drivers even managed to get her up into the 20's.

Just beautiful. Not only the sailing conditions but the brilliance of the night time sky. Admittedly we made a little mistake. Not so much as a mistake as we forgot to do something we were so mesmerized by the sky. For several hours we forgot to turn on our navigation lights leaving us on deck in the full and proper dark. Zero light pollution. Just the sky. I don't think there are words to describe the immensity and intensity of the veiw.

After a little while the stargazers on deck managed to identify many of the most prominent stars. And then had those identities, for the most part, confirmed by a phone app. By pointing the phone at hte sky it would then tell you what stars and constellations we were looking at. Quite a handy and very neat little app that one.

We've been stuck in an area of very little breeze for most of the day and are traveling slowly. Like we're stuck in the water or something. Struggling to get west so we can get back into more suitable pressure. And that's where we will leave you for this evening.

We won't be having the usual introduction of crew members this evening do in part to the lack of them. Those left to be introduced are off watch and sleeping at the moment, so tomorrow for them.

TTFN - Ta Ta For Now