Positive Outcomes

IDEA Sailing
Idea Yacht Racing Ltd
Wed 10 Jul 2013 15:38

Hello there everyone and welcome to another little glimpse into our world.  


Over the course of this journey the crew has been, for the most part, very careful (as one needs to be in the ocean) and very healthy with only two notable exceptions.  Without going into details we have twice now needed to visit the local accident and emergency dept in the location we were in.  Specifically Horta, and Gibraltar.  


Both times we have to say that the experience was unbelievably. . . . ummmm  well I don't want to say pleasant because of course any time you have to visit the A&E can't be pleasant, but it was certainly a positive experience.  We were left feeling very good about it both times.  


First in Horta where, despite the language barrier everyone was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and competent.  The facilities were well cared for and clean.  Nearly spotless even.  The doctor freely admitted to not having specific knowledge of the issue at hand and went out of her way to bring in expert help from outside the hospital staff.  The expert help, although not receiving compensation for his time, was superb.  He willingly spent the time necessary to help and answered all of the questions asked in easy to understand words and gestures.  


The second time, here in Gibraltar, we were again received in a timely manner.  Treated with kindness, respect and smiles even.  Once again the staff, everyone from the janitors to the doctors, were brilliant.  Knowledgeable, competent, and willing to go above and beyond in order to give the best service and care possible.  Also, the facilities were amazing, although I do have to admit that the hospital here did feel like somewhat of a maze, but at every turning there was a person there to keep us on the correct path to our destination.  


We all have been to and live in places where we know that the local medical staff could learn a thing or two from these experiences of ours.  it's unfortunate that they seem incapable of reaching such high standards of service and cleanliness as that displayed over in Horta and here in Gibraltar.  


So another thank you is in order.  Following on the heals of yesterdays thank you to Mark F and Dynamite Marine we now say thank you Horta, and thank you Gibraltar for leaving us better off than when we arrived.  Keep up the good work, and continue to set an example for others. 


I know we promised to bring you an updated schedule of our travels, however that has not been written in stone just yet and we don't want to stay anything until the hammer and chisel have been put away.  So, once again once we know exactly what kind of timeline we will be living to we will let all of you know.  


Another think is in regards to the promised pictures.  We are having some technological issues.  Namely, the pictures are all stored in a computer with no working USB ports, so it will be a little longer before we can forward those on to you.  


That's all from a sunny and warm Gibraltar