38N 25W, Waves of white gold.

IDEA Sailing
Idea Yacht Racing Ltd
Tue 2 Jul 2013 09:24
Waves of white gold.

As we set off east to continue our journey to Gib we once again
settle into our watch system. Typically we'd wait till dark time to really
set and begin the watch, however up here it doesn't get dark till quite

The on watch crew were treated to shimmering sight of waves reflecting the
sun which was poking through the cloud cover as it set behind us. As you
turned back it appeared as though there was a set of standing waves shining
white gold on the horizon.

Another first night at sea - another night wrapped up in as many layers as possible. Another night spent with the visual delights of beds of phosphoresents(can someone look up how to spell that for me please). There were times when the entire sea around the boat was lit up with them. Like sailing through sheets of glittering emeralds. Just unbelieveable, and especially welcome as the only other source of light last night was our own navigation lights. (Factoid: All boats, aircraft, and believe it or not Spacecraft are required to show navigation lights in a particular pattern so they can be identified at a distance in the dark as to what general type of vessel - sail, or power - and what direction they are heading)

It was a dark dark night. (Hmmm doesn't Snoopy start all his stories like that?). Complete cloud cover lowered the sky making it impossible to see the moon or stars. Or just about anything outside the life lines of IDEA.

The morning sky remains cloud covered yet marginaly warmer as we sail on. Just a little bit closer to our desitination. We're going quite slow, which is to say we're going only as fast as most normal sailboats would go, and are waiting for the breeze to build a little. The Wind angle isn't ideal either but more than anything we'd like the breeze to build some (and maybe get warmer) so we can move this boat through the ocean like she knows how.

We hope you all have a very pleasant morning.

TTFN - Ta Ta For Now