30N 55W

IDEA Sailing
Idea Yacht Racing Ltd
Wed 12 Jun 2013 13:26
Good afternoon,

Welcome to the IDEA Barber shop. Haircuts anyone cause that's what's on
offer today. Free haircuts off the transom (Back of the boat for those that
don't know). Marc has decided that his hair is to long, brought out the
necessary machinery and Nick is the barber of the day. Maybe we'll tie Sam
down and cut off his hair.

The Crew on board have had quite a full day already today. With the sky
lightening at 3:30am and full on day light by 4am we had an all hands on
deck manuver this morning. We took down our big jib, folded it all nice and
neat, then put up a spinnaker. The breeze has finally come around enough
for us to put it on. We are sailing 20 degree's off course, but since we're
off course to the north we're not complaining as we still have some northing
to put into our trip up to the Azores.

So we got the kite up, the boat settled in to the new sail configuration,
and proceeded to have breakfast. Bacon, egg and cheese sandwitches, and a
great big fruit salad with Yogurt. Then two crew sat down and serviced one
of the primary winches.

All of this done before 8am. A decent days work and the day hasn't even
really started yet.

The really big news though is cleanliness. The crew have finally had showers, and what an incredible feeling that is. It's kind of gross to think about how dirty we all really were. So we are presentable for the moment.

On that note we wish you all a Happy Hump Day. It's all down hill (down
wind for us) to the weekend from here, and we're travelling there at 10
knots of boatspeed in only 7 knots of breeze.

TTFN - Ta Ta For Now