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IDEA Sailing
Idea Yacht Racing Ltd
Tue 4 Jun 2013 16:17
Hello hello to all of IDEA's friends and family.

Welcome to our blog site which is a new feature for us. For those that
followed our previous trips you would have received a daily email from the
boat as to our position, weather conditions and the on board antics of the
crew. We will no longer be emailing from the boat and simply updating the
blog which is in the public domain so you can not only check up on us but
can let any others who you think may be interested in our travels.

My name is Marc Gentilin and I will be your onboard reporter for the
journey once again. As in the past I will do my best to share with you all
of our trials and tribulations as well as relate some of the magic that is
the ocean.

IDEA has spent some time out of the water in Trinidad having bits and
pieces maintained and fixed. Work done to improve the inside of the boat.
Unnecessary gear and equipment removed, sails patched, acquired, and
tested, and all manner of labor.

On Friday 31st May IDEA sailed out of Trini-land and on toward Barbados
with four people on board. Myself (senior crew) Clint Brooks (Captain) Sam
Tucker (crew) and Nicola Henson (crew). Due to the weather what should
have taken 24 hours took 36 hours and we arrived very early Sunday morning.
IDEA is currently sitting on the dock in Bridgetown having the final
little touches done to her equipment and provisions.

Once we leave Barbados we will have a fifth crew member on board (Nick),
and our next destination will be Horta in the Azores, and you will be able
to follow us in real time 24/7 via the following link =>

This is the page our on board tracker updates to and will give you our
current position. It updates every 10 minutes and is very accurate, so any
time, day or night you will know where we are on the planet.

Once again welcome to our blog and journey. Sit back relax and enjoy the

TTFN - Ta Ta For Now