25N 58W, Who's Drivin

IDEA Sailing
Idea Yacht Racing Ltd
Mon 10 Jun 2013 18:19
Good Afternoon Land bound world.

60 hours in, nearly 800 miles behind us, and we continue on our northward path in search of weather that will take us East.
We had a quiet night of it with the sea state flattening out some to give us a slightly more comfortable ride than the previous night. Fewer bumps and less water and salt. Which of course is a good thing although that'll put dent in our salt exportation profits. The crew is all starting to feel a bit ripe now as well. Our last showers were taken wilst still on land, and it seems we're all still wearing the same clothings we left in. But even if we're not clean IDEA certainly is. Three of us took some time this morning to clear out and scrub the cockpit. With soap even.

We had ourselves quite a light show during the night as well. Off in the distance we were graced the beauty of a lighting squall off in the distance. Very impressive and thankfully it remained off in the distance crossing our bow well ahead and disappearing off to leeward sometime before the sun rose. Speaking of suns rising: It has been getting light out very early in the morning out here. By as early as 4am it is no longer the black of night as the predawn light rolls in from the east.

The sun is still hot during the day, but there has been a decided chill in the evenings and nights, and will continue to chill down even further. More layers are being added to our nighttime attire and this trend willl probably continue until we get to the Azores. For those following our position reports on the tracking page you'll notice that w're approx 500 miles from Bermuda.

That's all from the Beautiful Briney Sea
TTFN - Ta Ta For Now