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IDEA Sailing
Idea Yacht Racing Ltd
Tue 11 Jun 2013 15:45
Blazing along at the speed of . . . Walk.

That's right ladies and gentlemen most of you out there can walk down street
faster than IDEA is currently moving. Approximately 5 miles per hour over
the ground. We've sailed out of the band of breeze we'd been in (this was
expected) and have reached the outer edges of the Azores High. Once we can
work our way around the center of the High we should be able to point he
boat right at Faial (the island in the Azores we will be stopping at. Horta
is the name of the town we will be in) some 1600 miles distant.

There's one very VERY cool aspect of the docks in Horta: It is a natural
stopping off point for boats traveling to and from the Caribbean, and
somewhere in excess of 100 years ago and enterprising sailor painted his
boat's logo on the dock. Others followed suit and over the years the miles
of dock are now covered in thousands upon thousands of boat logos (most
with the date of arrival/departure and the crews names). It's quite an
impressive and interesting sight to see. IDEA has participated in this
ritual already, and has left her mark on the dock. We'll have to get
pictures for you when we get there.

Even though it's been getting quite chilly at night, day times have still
been quite hot, so thankfully with the light breezes come very flat seas and
we have all of the hatches open to let some fresh air down below. Bliges
have been pumped dry and small maintainence jobs go on all the time.

High on the wish list of improvments to make is the addition of an espresso
machine. Since the boat pretty much runs on caffiene when being delivered
we are going to invest the profits from our first Salt harvest and buy a
nice little machine to install. So boys and girls get your salt orders in
(I'd like to say "While stocks last" here, but out here the stocks are
pretty much endless). IDEA's Atlantic Sea Salt (IDEA's ASS) The perfect all
natural flavoring salt for your meals.

Ta Ta For Now

PS - Does anyone know who's winning the NBA finals?