38N 27W

IDEA Sailing
Idea Yacht Racing Ltd
Wed 26 Jun 2013 15:58

Good day all and hello from the sea. A sea which is much gentler than it has been all week now. No more water over the deck. Last night, although still overcast, was a relatively warmish night compared to what we've been experiencing. The sea state was still uncooperative, but somewhat smaller, so there was very little water over the deck. A welcome relief.

The morning dawned cloudy still, but over the course of the day the cloud cover has broken up a lot and the sun came out allowing the crew to shed some layers, and let some breeze into the boat.

As we close with the land talk has turned to hot showers and sleep. There's plenty to do on board the boat once we stop but the first several hours will be a frenzy of soup suds and snores.

We're only 40 miles from our destination, but unfortunately we probably have about 60 miles of sailing to do, so it will be night time when we arrive.

It's been a very slow day otherwise. When next we update you IDEA will be tied to the dock.

TTFN - Ta Ta For Now