Less than 1000nm to go

Craig and Leanne Street
Sun 5 Dec 2021 12:15

Another marker reached this morning. The last few days have been thankfully uneventful, we’ve had steady trade winds and we are making good speed. The swells have subsided and whilst we are still rolling as we cut through the waves it feels less like living in a washing machine now. We are tracking a direct course with the wind behind us, the mainsail is out on our port side and the genoa poled out to starboard. The combination of poles, preventers, uplifts and downhauls, means it’s quite a rigmarole to change sail configuration so we are happy to have a stable setup for now. We continue our regular pattern of  4 hour watches and whilst the ‘Harriet’ does a great job of steering, we are constantly monitoring the wind speed and direction to keep us on track.