The racers finally catch up

Craig and Leanne Street
Mon 29 Nov 2021 13:15

Day 6 and the racing boats that were behind us have caught up and overtaken us. We spotted 'JK Sail', an Italian boat that had been moored up near us in Las Palmas, approaching us from the stern at about 3pm. After a few days of just us and the ocean as far as we could see, it was great to see another boat. They looked incredible with their dark imposing asymmetric and mainsail coming over the horizon. As they passed us on our starboard side, Craig called them up on the radio and we had a bit of banter between us, which started with their introduction 'we don't speak English or Italian, we only speak Napolitan where the language is pizza and spaghetti'. Craig was tempted to say that his favourite pizza is curry and pineapple but we somehow figured it might not go down well would get lost in translation! Instead we cheekily asked for a tow and we wished them good speed and in return a promise of a party at the other end.

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