11th Jan

Greg Gregory
Wed 14 Jan 2015 12:29

Sun 11th Jan 2015
Position 18:19.77N 64:47.99W

U.S. Virgin Islands were tempting us a mere 6 miles away, and since Jill had spent hours getting a new biometric passport in Peterborough, and we had both filled out ESTA online, we had everything we needed to check in to St. Johns Island.

The anchorages were all full in Cruz Bay, but we found a spot, on our own, off Gallows Point.

We went ashore to the capital St Cruz, a pleasant ambience greeted us, a stage was being set up for live music that evening, what a nice place to chill for a couple of days.

Hastening to immigration/passport control our hopes were dashed, “You can’t enter”, we were told. “We have filled in ESTA” we said. “You can only come in by a carrier – ferry, or, plane, you then get a visa for 90 days and then you can return by boat”. BUT we had entered, we are here, we thought ! ! ! ! # # # # ! ! ! !

Off we slunk, a pair of illegal immigrants. We decided to defy their stupid policy and bought some provisions in the supermarket, and sat in the square café enjoying a drink.

Rather than push our luck, we sailed back to Jost Van Dyke

Cap’n Greg
1st Mate Jill