Blog No 11

Greg Gregory
Wed 22 Oct 2014 10:54
Date 22nd October 2014
Local Time 1130 (GMT +2)
Position 30:02.50N 11:47.00W
Distance in last 24 hours 135nm

Nothing but happy campers here. (Is that what I have been told to say? )

All in all it was a pretty uneventful trip with winds from the north pushing us along. We had a few hours sailing at 7 to 8 knots but usually it was 5 to 6. Occasionally the wind dropped and we motored to keep up our average. However, with only 140 miles to go, our fear is that we will arrive too soon (in the dark).

We did not see much all day other than a couple of cargo ships on the same course. Both gave us a very wide berth. Why? What do they know that I do not.

About mid-morning we saw a tiny fishing boat coming across our bows, which seemed strange since we were 40 miles from the coast. I steered to avoid but they changed and came towards us. The same happened again. I became increasingly concerned but it was only 3 very weather beaten Africans trying to sell us a Tuna. Sadly we refused, still having most of the previous days catch in the fridge.

We later sat down to a delightful lunch but were then attacked by flies that stung sharply. I’m sure they had teeth. Where did they come from? Had they flown 40 miles from Morocco just to attack us?

The afternoon saw lighter winds of about 14 knots so a good time to play with the @EACH cruising chute. After some initial difficulties getting it rigged, it set well and had us moving at 6/ 6.5 knots.
We had further difficulties taking it down when the wind got up to 19 knots but it was all good practice for the Atlantic crossing.

How did we finish the day? With a spicy Tuna curry. What else?

Only Mate - TC

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