Greg Gregory
Thu 23 Oct 2014 13:17


Date 23d October 2014

Local Time 1130 (GMT +2)

Position 28:57.77N   13:32.43W

Distance in last 24 hours 136nm



As we veered away from Africa we have seen less boats, and in the last 24 hours have seen no sailing yachts, about 5 cargo ships and one cruise liner.


Yesterday we sailed downwind, and tried out our new storm sail, and spinnaker pole. To say we haven’t perfected the technique, would be an understatement !


We are now safely in Arrecife having spent 4 days and nights out of sight of land in the Atlantic, a dress rehearsal for the Atlantic Crossing, when we will spend between 16 and 23 days at sea.

TC and I have carried out a 5 hour watch each at night, and shared duties during the day, on a casual basis.


It’s very hot in Lanzarote, but we have come 600 miles south of Costa del Sol/Gibraltar.


Dolce Vita will cruise the Canary Islands until 19th November when crew arrive,and provisioning for the Atlantic Crossing, takes place. The Blog will continue then.


Signing off


Cap’n Greg and TC